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Gold Seeker device

GOLD SEEKER device GOLD SEEKER with Pulse Induction System

Video of the GOLD SEEKER device, gold detector and precious metals in the ground

Price is: € 2,250

Pulse Induction System
GER DETECT – Made in Germany
Two years warranty

The fastest, easiest for using, most modern and accurate system to detect gold, and the coins under the ground.
GOLD SEEKER device works by two systems to determine between the precious and non-precious metals.
It has been added the feature of ground induction to this device, which is capable of generating (Eddy Current) (transmitter and receiver).
When the device is working, it sends a signal to the search coil (Double D Coil) which, in turn, generates a spiral current signal (Eddy Current).
A unique feature of this device is its ability to calibrate with the ground to ensure that it is not affected by any signals resulting from moisture in the soil, mineral rocks or land containing mineral salts or solid ground.

The search way in GOLD SEEKER device

After the ground balance process and sensitivity setting are adjusted, you can start searching by lifting the search coil 2cm above the ground and sweeping it right and left, keeping it parallel to the ground.








When a precious metal signal is picked up, the device will make

a continuous beep sound and the green indicator comes on.

If the signal is for a non-precious metal detected, the device

will be make an intermittent sound and the red indicator comes on

If the signal from the detected target is weak, press the tune

button to increase the sensing range of the coil to reach greater depths, and confirm the target.

To avoid missing small and deep targets, sweep the search coil from right to left and left to right over each area you are scanning.
To make sure the target type is precious or non-precious, hover the coil slowly over the target.
To make sure the target type is precious or non-precious, stop the coil above the target while keeping it above the ground a 2-cm distance.


GOLD SEEKER - Technical Specifications

  1. GOLD SEEKER works by Pulse Induction System.
  2. The calibration system with the ground.
  3. The light indicators function on the control panel of the device handle:
    • The Red light indicates the existence of non-precious metals (ferrous).
    • The green light indicates the existence of precious metals (nonferrous).
    • The tune button with a blue indicator whose function is to increase the sensing range of the coil to reach greater depths.
  4. The GOLD SEEKER contains a two search coils:
    • Big coil: specializes to detect the large size of metals.
    • Small coil: specializes to detect the small size of metals.
  5. Works by BT 144 battery.
  6. Reaches up to 3.5 meters deep in the ground.
  7. GOLD SEEKER has the ability to penetrate ground layers to great depths that are difficult for many other devices to reach.
  8. It operates in all kinds of terrain and in the most difficult climatic conditions.
  9. The device is not affected by all types of soils and rocks.
  10. The device weight with the bag and the full accessories is only 7.5 KG.
  11. This device is designed to be used in all countries and regions.
  12. Two years’ warranty from the date of purchase.
  13. GOLD SEEKER device is one of the best German innovations with European cϵ certification according to international specifications.

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Brochure for GOLD SEEKER device

Brochure for GOLD SEEKER device

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