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Metal Detectors, Gold Detectors and Water Detectors

1. what is a 3D metal detector?

3D technology in Gold and Diamond detectors is a new innovation which gathers magnetic signals from the metal hidden underground and forms a 3D image to determine the type, shape, and size of hidden/buried objects. 3D technology also helps in determining the cavities and tunnel which can help in geological excavation.

2. How is GER 5 System better than other gold Detectors & 3D scanner?

GER Detect is the pioneer in combining five searches in single system. If the subject is a metal, cavity, Ionic, or RP active ,GER has a search tool for every type. Over the years GER has developed its expertise in ground scanning in fields of metal detector and water Detector.

3. What are the different types of metal detector?

Metal detector are either electro magnetic coil based, sound wave based or pulse induction based.

4. Which is the best detector for searching gold & hidden treasures in Indian soil conditions?

GER Deep Seeker 5 System have proven to be successful in all soil conditions across the globe. Indian soil conditions are more minimal rich which need a pulse induction search system like GER 1000.GER 1000 has given promising results to the Indian customers for last few years.

5. Which metal Detector is best for gold?

Metal Detectors come with fixed frequency coil. It has got special metal detector with multiple frequency technology that helps in Gold search in different soil conditions. Contact Original Minelabs dealers such as and

6. Can gold be detected by a metal Detector?

A. Yes under ground metal detector (UGMD) can detect under ground, natural gold or even buried gold.

7. What metal Detector goes the deepest?.

A. If you are looking to search deeper more than 10ft depth you need to buy under ground scanner which has a search capability update 45mtr (depending on the make & model). If you have any specific requirements you can consult with professional suppliers on and