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About Us

Gerdetect is a renowned firm established in the year 2009 which is a verified Gold Detector Manufacturer. We deal with a variety of Metal Detectors such as Gold Detectors, Diamond Detectors , GemStones Detectors and Water Detectors. We nail on providing Genuine Products to our Customers for their Satisfaction, which is our utmost priority . We provide Free Shipping all over World.

The Metal Detectors on our showcase can locate all types of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals. The depth range for Metal Detectors vary from 20 meters for GER Gold Hunter, 30 meters for GER Deep Seeker and 45 meters for GER 1000 Devices.Each of the Product has 2 years of Warranty against Manufacturing defects only (if in case).

We cater in-house Training at the time of Product purchase. Additional Charges will be levied for providing On-Site Training in Germany. We have Authorized Dealers in UAE & India. For any Queries on our Products, please drop us a message on